3 Août, 17h30

Daniel Doiron : Flow Efficiency - The first step to improvement

Good Flow Efficiency is the first step to getting lasting improvements. Yet, no one gets it done right. This is surprising given that it is at the core of Kanban and Lean and that it is made of two basic and easy to understand components: Wait time and Touch time!

This meetup will reveal the thought leadership of the TameFlow approach from Steve Tendon and will be quite an eye-opener on how to build a Flow Efficiency Kanban board. We will address the following topics:

Focus on Wait time or Touch time first?

Treat WIP as a liability or an asset? (Lean and agile decision filters will be discussed)

Buffers on traditional Kanban boards

Column WIP limits as an impediment to Flow Efficiency

People and Flow

Complex Work Flow and invisible queues

Converting your traditional Kanban board to a TameFlow Flow Efficiency Kanban board


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Daniel Doiron: Author of 'Tame your Work Flow' - Ultimate Agile/Kanban Book on Financial Throughput for Immediate Exponential Returns


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