Our Agile Montreal Team

Since 2020, Agile Montreal has been supported by a dedicated team, even if part-time.

Annie Brissette - Director of operations
Annie Brissette - Director of operations

Annie Brissette is an event producer. Being self-employed since 2019, she has more than 10 years of experience in the field. Having previously worked for various media, advertising agencies and design studios, she also has experience in communication and project management.

Annie has been part of the Agile Montreal team since 2019. She started as a Coordinator and now holds the position of Director of Operations.

You have probably already met Annie at the monthly Agile Montreal conferences. She takes care of the organization of events, logistics and their promotion. In addition to operations, Annie also works on the organization's communications. She is responsible for managing the website, social networks and newsletters.

Do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions on these topics, she will be happy to answer you!

To join her : abrissette@agilemontreal.ca

Or with the Slack of Agile Montreal : Annie Brissette

Cindy Pétrieux - Director of development
Cindy Pétrieux - Director of development

Cindy is a versatile professional who has been working with non profit organisations since 13 years. She has created and developed many organisations in France and in Quebec. Now, she is a consultant in organizational development. She has been working with Agile Montreal since 2017. First as director of operations, then, since summer 2020, as director of development.

She is committed to contributing to the development and sustainability of the organization and the development of community members.

An idea, a project, a partnership to propose? She is your contact partner of choice.

To join her : cpetrieux@agilemontreal.ca

Or with the Slack of Agile Montreal : Cindy Pétrieux

Pascal Roy - Finance director
Pascal Roy - Finance director

Pascal has been working in the field of software engineering since 1989. With an engineering background, he has worked in many industries. He had the chance to participate in the early beginnings of the Agile movement as a consultant and coach from the end of the 90s. Pascal worked with Bob Martin (Robert C. Martin), Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, Ward Cunningham, James Grenning , Alistair Cockburn, Dave Thomas and other big names at the origin of the Agile movement. This allowed him to gain unique experience in Quebec with regard to the implementation of agile processes.

For 16 years, Pascal led Elapse Technologies, a company specializing in Agile coaching. During this time he cultivated an interest in different aspects of business management. In particular, he is really passionate about everything related to finances.

Pascal has been in charge of the finances and accounting of Agile Montreal since its creation in 2011.

To join him: proy@agilemontreal.ca