Mentoring program

 Find your mentor  or become one !

All year round program

The Agile Community of Montreal offers a mentorship program for professionals in the field of agility, to network, help each other and seek to increase together the community professional agility skills.

The program is open to all : experts or newbies, classical profiles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach) or atypical profiles (HR, project manager, manager, ...) as long as you really want to grow, because (attention spoiler!) : it is a win-win game, both partners learn equally!

Unlike other mentoring programs, here connexion is mutual. Mentors and mentees choose each other accordingly to their affinities, so show your colors!

Mentees take the lead! Of course mentors can go first, but we encourage mentees to choose their mentor and take the lead for meetings and follow up 

How does it work?

1. Register on Agile Montreal's Slack channel #MentoratAgile and update your profile (with picture and LinkedIn)
2. Introduce yourself with a fancy post which tells who you are, your experience, what you offer or look for, your availabilities, maybe a video

(you want to be mentor AND mentee? super. create a post for each)
3. Check the profiles and, if you think there is a match, contact the chosen person (on thread or private message).
4. If the match is mutual, close a deal privately on your mentoring agreement for 3 months (goal, time, place, frequency, ...)
6. After 3 months, make a retro and give us news!
For any questions, please write to
 Mentor night

What's better to network than a speed-meeting event?

In three hours, we offer you a space-time favorable for meeting professionals in the field of agility which are either:

  • seeking advice, professional follow-up in the context of the mentee, and / or
  • eager to help another professional.the in context, to learn new skills in mentoring

This format provides the opportunity for both parties (mentor or mentee) to know more specifically the context and needs of each participant and create the best matches.

At the end of the night, mentees and mentors choose each other and fill their online mentoring agreement.

Several nights a year will be organized. Some will be open to all, others will particularly target Scrum Masters, Product owners or more atypical profiles (HR, project manager, manager, ...). Let us know your interests on Agile Montréal'Slack channel #MentoratAgile!

For any questions, please write to