January 26th, 6:00PM

Women in Agile : Design Effective Change Strategies With the Six Sources of Influence Model

If you want to change people’s behavior, the first step is to understand what causes the current behavior. However, more often than not, we engage in change and transformation without really understanding why people behave the way they do. The challenge of identifying the causes of behaviors is one of the reasons 70% of transformations fail (McKinsey).

The Six Sources of Influence model is a powerful and versatile tool to uncover the sources of behaviors and design effective change strategies. Although the tool is simple, it demonstrated success in complex and dynamic organizations.

Throughout this event we’ll discuss:

  1. A real-world story that illustrates the importance of identifying the causes of behaviors before trying to change them
  2. How the 6 sources of influence model can be used
  3. How to design effective strategies once root causes of behaviors have been identified
  4. Good practices and pitfalls to avoid

Speakers: Virginie Lapointe and Brunot Collet

Virginie : With fifteen years of experience as User Experience specialist including Research and Design practices, Virginie Lapointe had the chance to collaborate in different people and digital transformation initiatives in the public and private sectors in Canada and Europe. Convinced about the importance user thinking, she is currently doing her Master’s degree thesis at HEC Montreal which subject is the evolution of organizational operations to integrate Design Operations as core capability, enabler to support continuous transformation and agility.

Bruno : Bruno Collet is an advisor, trainer and coach in agile transformation and leadership with Agile Leader Academy, having worked with more than thirty organizations in Canada, Europe and China. A proponent of action-learning, he knows the theory but is mostly passionate to experiment in the messy, real world, both with soft and hard skills. Bruno lived through so many challenges that it is said he has a story for almost any situation, be they successes of failures. He loves to share experiences with others and leverage collective intelligence to tackle hairy problems.