December 10th, 7:00PM

Purpose: The Hidden Hierarchy in SAFe

SAFe provides a complete operating model for leading your portfolio of technology investments, covering roles, ceremonies, planning horizons, roadmapping, and work visualization. One of the most prominent elements of the framework is the fully traceable, neatly connected levels of the work hierarchy. The connections between stories, features, capabilities, and epics provide the ability to steer and structure all of the activities of an organization in an easy to understand way. Unfortunately, the clarity of the work hierarchy blinds us to the presence and importance of the purpose hierarchy that is also embedded in SAFe. Learning to lead by intent, utilizing the inherent structure of goals and outcomes that sits beside the work hierarchy, is a crucial skill to unlocking the real potential of agility using SAFe, and provides one of the key enabling factors for over half of the SAFe principles. In this session you will learn how to describe the purpose-based connections in SAFe, explain how those connections accelerate behaviors in alignment with the SAFe principles, and learn how to apply the basics of purpose alignment within your own organization.


Hosted by Eric Willeke

About our host:

Eric helps leaders make a difference. Lean and Agile mindsets, principles, and behaviours are valuable at any level or location in a company. He helps by instilling agile business management techniques, accelerating deployment of critical initiatives, and mentoring the executives leading large-scale agile transformation efforts. He is co-founder and Principal of Eric is a SAFe Fellow, SPCT, and a principal contributor to the Scaled Agile Framework