Welcome to the directory of Montreal agility professionals. Whether you are looking for a Product Owner (PO), a Scrum Masters (SM), a Coach, a Trainer or a Facilitator, our contact list will meet your needs.

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Céline Raguette

Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

Your daily companion in cultivating the security, fulfillment and commitment of each and everyone.

Phone: 514 623-4041

Jean Côté


In respect with your reality, I approach agility with passion and pragmatism thru behavioral changes before mechanical processes.

Phone: 5147713194

Martin Goyette

Coach, Scrum Master (SM), Trainer

Agility is now part of his DNA. Objective achievement, improvement, change. Martin is a leader, a motivator, a passionate.

Phone: 514.578.2907

Emilie Olivier

Scrum Master (SM), Product Owner (PO)

Scrum master and Product Owner, I want to participate in the realization and set up strategic initiatives.

Louis-Philippe Carignan

Coach, Scrum Master (SM), Trainer

IT professional with 20 years of experience. I can cover team facilitation, Agile st scale, or provide strategic guidance on organizational agility.

Daniel Doiron

Trainer, Coach

World leader and contributor to modern agile thinking in Kanban, the Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting applied to Knowledge Work.

Phone: 514.515.2345

Eric Laramée

Coach, Scrum Master (SM), Product Owner (PO), Trainer

Agile coach since 2007 and at your service for your agile renovation, transformation or maybe even revolution.

Phone: 438.390.5336

Joseph Rossi


Helping individuals, teams and companies to achieve their full potential, in joy and humility. By simply becoming yourself, a little more every day.

Phone: 514 436 4300

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