Communities of Practice(CoP)

Agile Montreal supports several communities of practice in their activities. They are driven by volunteers for volunteers who have purpose of developing a broad set of agile practices, whether agile roles or broader topics such as the evolution of leadership or the transformation of organizations in Montreal and its region. - Community of Facilitators for the Transformation of organizations.

This community launched at the end of 2016 brings together nearly 200 professionals, students and curious who are interested or are actors of the transformation of their business. The community is accessible for free. It offers co-construction workshops on a monthly basis, as well as circles of words every two months.

Programming available on the Web site or on Slack :


ScrumMasters Clinics #MTL

According to the definition given by its creator, Tobias Mayer,, 'ScrumMaster clinics offer a checkup for beginner ScrumMasters. Led by ScrumMasters and experienced coaches, the clinic is a place to share to share your difficulties, offer ideas, listen and learn, and get fresh ideas in your work. The clinics are supplemented by the new ScrumMaster labs, which the more experienced ScrumMasters should also study.


Jesus Mendez

Community of Practice - HR

We propose today to offer a space for sharing and learning to HR professionals - employees and consultants.

This 'AgileRH' Community of Practice aims to create regular opportunities for practitioners to work together on cross-cutting topics in the HR function from the angle of agility (examples: commitment and culture, performance and evaluation, digitalization of training…).





Community of Practice - Tameflow Kanban

A whole new Community of Practice is organized around Tameflow Kanban. Yes, it’s unique. We add to the Kanban method the science of Eli Goldratt with a lot of systemic content from Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting.

If you operate in Agile management - or in DevOps - with the hope of making good returns, you must optimize the constraint. If you don't, all the money spent - and the effort invested - will only increase your costs and strain the performance of your systems.

The community is aimed at agile coaches, managers, DevOps practitioners and agilists of all stripes wishing to exchange with each other and with the 8 Montrealers - including the author - who participated in the writing of the most important book of the last ten years. on agility.

The imperative of the approach is to make immediate profits.



Community of Practice - Agile Coaches

A group of Agile coaches, change agents and agility enthusiasts, we meet every 4 months to network, exchange, and learn new practices and new tools. We have also set up a Slack team to benefit from a daily support network. We are interested in the different facets of organizational and team agility, such as organizational culture, change management, coaching, social styles, management styles, strategy, leadership, communication.