About Agile Montreal

Montreal Agile Community

The Montreal Agile Community was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to fostering the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences related to agility in the greater Montreal area.

The community was created in order to:

  • Provide a space for sharing experiences and knowledge about agility, its principles and practices.
  • Disseminate information about agility to the other professional communities who could benefit from the adoption of agile principles.
  • Create a living network, a community, that would accelerate the adoption of Agile principles within companies and other organizations who would benefit from them, for their own gain as well as for the benefit of their employees.

The mission of the Montreal Agile Community is to:

  • Be a hub of information about agility and its relevant applications;
  • Develop a better understanding of different Agile practices amongst its members;
  • Promote and support the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences among members;
  • Monitor and discuss the evolution of Agile best practices;
  • Encourage the participation of members and experts in the field as speakers;
  • Support local events that share the community's principles, values and goals.

The community's client base is comprised of practitioners, coaches, mentors and managers who are focused on continuous improvement and who are open to new ideas.

A brief history of agility in Montreal

  • 2002: Creation of the "Agile Users Group" of Montreal sponsored by the Pyxis. Organization of monthly conferences on agility in the premises of the CRIM on Sherbrooke Street.
  • 2008:Organization of the first Agile Tour in Montreal under the umbrella of the Agile Users Group
  • 2011: Foundation of the Montreal Agile Community as a non-profit organization
  • 2011: First Agile Tour organized by the community (located at UQAM)
  • 2015: Agile Tour moves to the Montreal Convention Center
  • 2017: First "Spark the Change" event in Montreal led by community members and supported by the community.
  • 2018: First "DevOps Days" event in Montreal led by a local company and supported by the community.

The governance of the community

The strategies and orientations of the community are established collegially by a volunteer board of directors composed of 9 members elected for a 2-year term. Half of the members are elected each year to preserve the organizational memory of the group and facilitate transitions in the various roles.

The current composition of the Board of Directors is shown below.